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Quality Gate

Solution-oriented Control Process


Quality Gate


Quality Gate

The Quality Gate is an automatic background process, which has the ability to check every possible data combination, process or rule, for example:

  • Missing prices
  • Violations of the investment strategies
  • Incorrect postings
  • Compliance monitoring

In this way it provides the comprehensive solution for quality assurance of the core banking system. Using a flexible rules engine, all types of fully automated checks can be performed. Identified problems or violations are automatically opened in the Issue Tracker, each of them checked by a specific business process and when fixed, automatically closed.

Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker is a process-driven management tool for problems within the bank´s operations. With this tool problem-solving as a process implementation is in the foreground. Through the business process engine in KOSMOS, subsequent changes to the process are simple to handle.

The Quality Gate works closely together with the Issue Tracker, which takes over the presentation, data management and notification services. The Quality Gate not only shows violations, but it also monitors the entire solution process automatically.

Flexible Notifications and Flexible Reporting

If demanded process-specific alerts are possible, these are simply added in the process.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Popup in the system

In order to provide issue reporting across the system, all information within the Issue Tracker can be accessed via the import/export interface of KOSMOS via various formats:

  • Excel sheets
  • PDF Reports
  • XML Interface